SD Maid Pro APK v4.11.4 [Full Version] Latest 2019

Android needs some rescuing too. With the increasing complexity of applications and the operating system itself, you can never really get rid of some of the memory consuming files. That’s where SD maid APK APP comes to the rescue. For all the cache memory, crash reports, log files and other data which you don’t really need, SD maid pro APK is a one stop solution for all your memory management problems. The SD maid APP is literally a maid dedicated for clearing all the clutter in your device. Not only will SD maid APP help you get rid of all the unwanted data, but it will also make your Android experience better. The SD maid or SD Maid pro APP is practically the only cleaner your device will ever need.

sd maid pro apk download freeSD Maid pro APP cleans away all the unnecessary data that other apps store from your Android device with a single tap. It is an app developed by Matthias Urhahn who goes by his pseudonym ‘darken’. Unlike other cleaner apps which claim to boost the performance of your android device, the SD maid creator has more realistic aims with this app. SD maid app clears out the files that eat up memory space. An increase in the performance of the device is a bonus. The features of SD maid app are plenty and unique.

SD Maid pro APP features:

  1. Explorer : This file manager allows you to navigate through your entire file directory and find Android files. It is a feature which will help you manage all the files on your device.
  2. Searcher : The search feature lets you find any specific file from any location in your android device memory by its name. So if you know the file name, the searcher will locate and find it for you.
  3. Corpse Finder : More often than ever, the apps that have been uninstalled by you leave behind temporary files that consume a significant amount of device memory. Apart from that, cache memory or thumbnails of deleted items might just lie around occupying precious memory. The Corpse Finder feature finds these orphaned files and makes a comparison with the files related to the installed applications. It looks for files which do not belong to any application and prompt you to allow clearing them out.
  4. App Control : The App Control feature allows you to modify any application that is installed. It can be used to reset, delete or freeze applications. This includes even system applications which you may not always need. Managing and controlling applications that can generally not be modified but may not be necessary is one of the key features of the SD maid app.
  5. System Cleaner : Since filters are a big deal these days, the SD maid apk offers you filters for your android device. The System Cleaner filters directories after scanning the entire device. You could use the filters available or create your own to increase the accuracy of finding unnecessary files.
  6. Database optimisation : Database optimization indirectly speeds up access and also frees up memory space. The SD maid apk is capable of optimizing and shrinking databases that are occupying space unnecessarily.
  7. View big files : SD maid pro app saves you the trouble of looking for files that may be eating up space. It simply does it for you. The app allows you to view which files are taking up the most space and which files are the biggest. This way you know exactly where to make it start cleaning up.
  8. Duplicates : This feature finds files with clones or duplicates and allows you to delete them freeing some space and removing redundancy of files.
  9. Find modified files : For instance, when you accidentally deleted or modified a file but now want to restore it, you may want to know which files were recently modified. The SD maid app finds and lists the files modified in the recent minutes.
  10. Schedule : The files jamming your memory tend to build up into a huge pile over a period of time which will retard your device speed gradually. This may keep you wondering why your device has slowed down. The SD Maid Pro APK lets you set up a schedule to clean up your android device. The app diligently looks for unwanted files and cleans them according to the allocated schedule. Just install it and forget about maintenance.
  11. Forced app moving : With the SD Maid pro, you can force applications to move to an external storage on the devices that support it. This allows to free your SD card of some space while still retaining normal functioning of your applications.
  12. Reboots : Apart from scheduling the cleaning sessions by putting up a regular interval for doing so, you can also schedule software restarts to take place at regular intervals. It is analogous to the soft start that most systems are built with to enhance the performance of the processor.

sd maid unlocker apk downloadSD Maid Pro APP specifications:

Application name: SD Maid Pro Apk
Application type: Android cleaner and unlocker app
Creator: darken
version: v4.11.4
Package: eu.thedarken.sdm and the pro plugin eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker
Application size: 5.39 Mb
Available on: Play Store

SD Maid Pro Unlocker

The SD maid pro Unlocker is a paid version which is an extension of the SD maid apk and requires it to function. The SD maid pro has certain features like its unlocker and app clean feature which are not available in the free version.

How to install SD maid pro App:

The SD maid app is available for free on play store and can be downloaded on Android devices of all types.

  • First, download the app from playstore or from a reliable source using the .apk link given.
  • Install SD maid apk on your device. The package is available as eu.thedarken.sdm, which is the SD maid app and the unlocker app eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker. Since the unlocker is a plugin, the SD maid is necessary for its functioning.
  • Ensure that it is saved on your device’s SD card.
  • Start cleaning. That’s it.

Start cleaning up with SD maid pro:

  • Once you have installed the SD maid App you need to install the unlocker plugin, SD Maid Pro Unlocker
  • Start the app on the Quick access page
  • Complete the setup before you start for the first time
  • After the completion of the setup, SD maid pro starts scan part of every tool
  • Immediately after completing the scan, you can choose to modify or delete the files that are detected. This can be done by simply pressing on the “execute” option.

From the developer

darken, the maker of the SD maid pro has set believable and realistic goals for the app. Although it falls under the cleaner and performance enhancer application banner, the SD Maid Pro does not claim to increase the speed. It simply cleans up the junk on your device as the name suggests. sd maid pro app would be good if you use apps like Deezloader.

The maker understands that just cleaning the RAM doesn’t do much to boost the performance. In fact, any claim to boost the performance of your device by a specific percentage is likely to be a hoax. However, the maker has designed the SD maid apk to look for orphaned files and delete them, consequently freeing up the space that your device was saving away for something that it does not need anymore. The focus is on removing the files that “do not break anything”, the kind that are generated and can be recreated by the Android device if required. If you are a developer and looking to test your app then Test dpc apk might help you.

The effort of the maker is to make the application as secure as possible. But he advises the users to ensure that the app only deletes files that are not required for normal functioning of android. He also warns users against applications that claim to drastically enhance the performance at the tap of a button. He also believes that a cleaning application should do just that and not prompt to say that your device is slow or unsafe. Also check method to change spotify username.

In a nutshell

For all the junk that is left behind by apps during installing and deleting, SD maid pro is just the cleaner you need. SD maid pro not only cleans your SD card, but also the spaces of your device memory that are not being used anymore. It is capable of finding the files that have been abandoned by previously installed apps or files which are no longer needed. Isn’t it great that you can set up a cleaning and soft restart regime for the SD maid pro and forget about it? The app will regularly clean up the device and free up space for you to use. In case you accidentally delete files which might be required by your device, the restore feature retrieves the files if you know the exact location from where they were deleted. This makes the application hassle free to use. Beyond all SD maid makes no false promises of a dramatic boost in memory or performance. But if your device has a limited memory and you are always on the lookout for ways to free some space to keep it running smoothly, SD maid Pro Unlocker apk is definitely your knight in shining armor.